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Property Changes

Attached is an Architectural Control Request Form to be used for requesting approval for any addition, change or improvement. To assist you with your project, the following is a list of instructions.

  1. 1. Review Association's Architectural Review Committee Guidelines to determine the restrictions, if any, on your project.
  2. 2. Complete Architectural Control Request Form.
  3. 3. Obtain approval of project from all your adjacent neighbors. The signatures of both neighbors must be on the form.
  4. 4. Submit completed Architectural Control Request Form along with any supporting information (drawing, contractor estimate, etc.) regarding the proposed improvement to the Architectural Review Committee Chairperson listed at the top of the Architectural Control Request Form.

The Committee has 30 days to approve or deny your project. You will receive a written approval of the addition, change or improvement. If approved, you must obtain all necessary building permits before beginning the project.

If you desire to make any changes to an approved project, those changes must first be submitted to, and approved by, the Architectural Review Committee in advance of implementation.

Notify the Committee Chairperson upon completion of project for a final inspection.

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