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Proven Chipmonk Control

Chipmunks are small animals that resemble grey squirrels. Their bodies are tan/brown with dark or light stripes running down their back. These dorsal stripes vary with the species. The two main species are the eastern and western chipmunk. Eastern chipmunks have three dark stripes while the western species has five. Both are small only reaching 8-10 inches at maturity. Either can hibernate, but western chipmunks seem more likely to stay active all year. Both species breed in the spring

and summer months. Gestation usually takes one month and litters may have 2-8 young. The eastern species seems to be more likely to have more than one litter a year, although either species may have several if the conditions are right.

!Habitat & Habits
Chipmunks are ground dwellers. They are active during the day and move around cautiously and tentatively. Chipmunks exist in all 48 of the main states of America and seem to be thriving more now than ever. As with other animals, chipmunks have been able to take advantage of suburban areas. They can exist alongside man in parks, wooded lots or in our yards. The rule is simple; if there is a supply of food around your property then expect to have some chipmunks moving in as neighbors. Chipmunks have a large list of food on which they will readily feed. This list includes slugs, snails, insects, small birds, eggs, mice, seeds, fruit, vegetables, seeds, flower bulbs, and pet food. They seem to have an endless appetite and will hoard food if given the opportunity. Homes with pet food, bird feeders, nut trees, gardens, flowers or an abundance of insects are likely to have chipmunk activity. In most cases, the first signs of chipmunks are welcomed. These small animals are both cute and innocent looking. Most people like to watch them as they forage for food and move about in the yard. But don't let their harmless looks charm you. Chipmunk infestations can quickly grow out of control and once established, they can be difficult to remove

Bad Points
Despite their cuteness, chipmunks can be destructive as heck in the garden. They unearth everything—squash, cukes and melon seeds, bulbs, and young plants. From there, they daintily sample strawberries, vegetables, bulbs, and tomatoes. They can also wreak havoc under porches, stairs, crawl spaces, etc.
Tunneling under patios, driveways, and sidewalks can lead to cracks and destruction. They carry fleas and ticks which get on pets, and they carry disease. Tunneling around foundations can lead to structural damage and breakdown of termiticide barrier. Tunnels attract snakes which feed on chipmunks.

Favorite Foods
Although they are notorious for stealing bulbs and corn seed, they feed mostly on nuts, grains, wild fruits, and berries, and an occasional small bird, mouse, snake, snail or grasshopper.

Non-Chemical Controls
Try any one or all of the following to get them to leave your yard:
  • Fill little cloth bags with dog or cat hair,  liberally scatter the same in and around the areas they frequent.
  • Place mothballs or flakes in their runs or holes where they enter and exit buildings.
  • Dried blood meal makes an excellent repellent in the bulb bed because it also provides essential nutrients for the bulbs.
  • Discourage their digging in your beds by placing wire mesh or chicken wire over the bulbs after planting.
  • Live trap them (it's easy) using unroasted peanuts, corn, sunflower seed, peanut butter, cereal, rolled oats, and molasses on crackers or whole wheat toast as bait.

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